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Two rectangular towers with a height of 80 and 112 meters and 800 trees and 5000 bushes decorating the external facade Stefano Boeris Bosco Verticale brings the nature right into the heart of Milan. A nearly identical building project is now planned to bring the vertical Forest to Lausanne, Switzerland.

Italian architect Stefano Boeri designed these beautiful towers, whose inauguration ceremony took place in 2014. The two towers are located in Porta Nuova, in the north of Milans centre, and are a symbiosis between architecture and nature. On 40.000m exposed surface, approx. 3.000m are covered in trees. It is scarcely surprising that Stefano Boeris Vertical Forest won the Internation Highrise Award in 2014.

His idea of a Vertical Forest was now even awarded the contract for to build a Bosco Verticale v2 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The construction of the residental and office buildings, called Tour des Cdres, is scheduled for 2017.

Visit the architect: Stefano Boeri

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