8 Signs You Are Possibly An Outgoing Introvert

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Outgoing introverts are counter intuitive. Theyre predictably unpredictable. Theyre talkative and fun, yet deep thinkers who enjoy alone time. Check out these seven signs to see if you can relate as an outgoing introvert:

1. You like the idea of going on adventures

The keyword there is idea. You dont actually want to go on them. You think you want to go out and try something new and crazy.. but then realize youd rather stay home and lounge. For example, you made plans with friends for a road trip in a few weeks. While making the plans, the idea sounded amazing and you were pumped! As it got closer, though, you started to think why did I decide to do this?!

As an outgoing introvert, you truly cherish your alone time (No, really. You get cranky if you dont have enough). While you like the idea of boppin around town with friends all day, deep down you dont understand how people can go, go, go without stopping!

2. You probably date people who are reserved and quiet

You may find yourself in a relationship with someone who lets you do the talking most of the time (especially at social events). You share all of your crazy thoughts and ideas with this person, and want to know all of theirs too (although it probably takes a little prodding).

3. You dont like awkward silence

Who does, anyway? But truly, the outgoing introvert will come up with some question or prompt to get the conversation going when a group falls silent. You dont care if you sound silly or weird because you simply want everyone around you to be included and enjoy themselves. Though youre engaged and talkative in these circumstances, you rarely share in depth, personal matters with people who arent super close to you.

4. Youre probably on a career path thats for outgoing people.

Public speakers, actors, musicians, fitness instructors, coaches, and teachers are some of the professions outgoing introverts have. You enjoy communicating, being in control and leading groups. This is one of the reasons people often consider you an extrovert. In your social life, though, youd much rather lounge at home by yourself or with a few friends.

5. You want to shut down, but its not easy to do so

Even though you want to decompress, relax, and let go; its hard for you to turn your mind off. You might find yourself analyzing a situation at work, contemplating your next big idea, or stressing about what needs to get done. You have to actively tell your mind to quiet itself.

6. You dont like being stuck

You love being with friends and family who are fun and make you laugh. But, when youre ready to leave, you need to be able to. Outgoing introverts dont like to be stuck somewhere (even if its an awesome place to be) because you like to have the option of leaving whenever you want. Knowing that you arent relying on anyone else to get you or take you home from an event is comforting. Youre able to enjoy yourself much easier this way.

7. Youre all in

When you connect with someone, you dont take that for granted. You appreciate and value their relationship. Youre continually interested and let that person know through little gifts or frequent affirming words. Youve probably said, I love that weve met and now become such good friends! or something along those lines.

8. You seek growth

As an outgoing introvert, you feel this innate pull to keep working on yourself. You try not to settle and are always looking for ways to improve yourself in your career, health, relationships or overall well-being. Youprobably seek out resources and arent afraid to make positive changes.

The coolest thing about outgoing introverts is their uniqueness. Youre not a one-size fits all type of personality.

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