8 Secrets Most Single And Independent Women Won’t Tell You

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Just take a look around, and youll see more single, independent, and successful women than ever before. Were working hard on our careers and education, instead of marrying the first guy who comes along. Weve got our eyes out for that special guy, but were too busy to just sit around and wait. Were hoping to meet that special someone, but most of us are busy working and spending time with friends.

With the trend toward marrying later, weve got lots of company, and were enjoying the freedom that comes with our independence. Going it alone has its downsides, but we dont dwell on them. People have some misconceptions about us, though. Hopefully, the list below will give you some insight into what we want to say, but dont.

1. Our Friends Are Like Family

We wish people understood that our friends are just as important as husband and boyfriends. When you dont have a significant other, your close friends share your heartbreaks and joys, are there for you when the chips are down, and make you laugh till you choke.

Different than a boyfriend or husband, these friends are just as important, and provide support thats different, but no less valuable, than we get from our blood relatives.

2. The Calling Thing

We wish men would tell us, once and for all, if its ok to call first. Ditto on women asking men out. Just because were independent doesnt mean weve got this dating thing figured out.

3. Wed Like a Party, Too

How about a singles shower? Dont get us wrong, were genuinely happy when our friends get engaged, married, pregnant, and we (mostly) dont mind buying all of the shower gifts that go along with these happy events.

But after weve been single and taking care of ourselves for a while, we think it would be nice if our friends and family reciprocated and threw us a party to celebrate our making it on our own. After all, single women need toasters, too!

4. We Like To Feel Feminine

Were independent and in control at work, but we still want to feel like a woman. We have to compete with men at work, so we want to let our feminine side out when were with a man were attracted to. So dont worry that well be offended if you treat us like a lady (hint: flowers are always welcome).

5. We Wish Youd Stop Asking The Question

We wish people would stop asking us if were still single, and assuming that getting hitched must be our first priority in life. The same goes for comments about our biological clocks. Single doesnt mean desperate: for us, it means having standards for who we couple up with. Wed rather be single than married to the wrong person.

6. We Believe That Going Solo Can Be More Fun Than Couple-dom

We wish those same people understood that being single can be more fun than being coupled up with the wrong person. The freedom to stay out all night with friends having fun instead of being stuck at home watching sports (when you hate sports) with someone who bores you senseless is a definite upside to going solo.

7. We Wish People Knew How Strong We Really Are

Making it as a single woman makes us resourceful, capable, competent, and interesting. We cant depend on someone else to handle everything for us, so we learn how to take care of ourselves. Flat tires, leaky pipes, work conflicts: we learn how to handle them like the strong, capable women we are. When things get tough, we keep going.

8. We Wish We Didnt Have To Be So Strong Sometimes

Were proud of our independence, but sometimes we wish someone would step in and help with that flat tire, help us put together that Ikea bookcase, and most importantly, be a shoulder to rest on when life gets overwhelming. Sometimes we just want to be taken care of. The most independent woman has times when she wishes for a significant other to lean on.

To sum it all up, were interesting, intelligent, and living full lives. Were open to the possibilities that singledom gives us, and are having a great time working and playing while we audition candidates for The One. All in all, its a great life!

Featured photo credit: Summer girl portrait. Photo by Maridav.

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